Compassion Fatigue

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Mental Health Awareness


Dr. Don is a former Seminary Professor with extensive experience in conflict resolution and implementing change in systems.

Dr. Russell can consult with key stake holders to unblock impedements to congregational health, well-being and growth.

Helping professionals, front-line emergency response workers are vulnerable to vicarious or secondary trauma. This workshop is for helping professionals and their managers who want to reduce the host of costs and impacts from vicarious trauma.

Vicarious Trauma

This workshop is for care-givers to high needs individuals. Family members, friends and helping professionals  are vulnerable to empathy and compassion exhaustion. This workshop is both preventative and restorative is focus.

Church Consultation

Dr. Don Russell, Professional Speaker, Therapist, & Trainer

Inspiring Hope, Flourishing & Empowerment

Dr. Don Russell has a passion to raise awareness and reduce stigma around mental illness. Increased awareness and reduced stigma contribute to people reaching out for help and treatment and ultimately increased functioning. Let's tailor a presentation to meet the needs of your group, church, or business..

  • "What an excellent workshop! Fantastic experience. Thank you."
  • "Presenter was prepared, and engaging. I would not hesitate to another another session facilitated by Don."
  • "Well organized, excellent presenter with valuable information".