The Knowledge you Need

Dr. Don Russell has a wealth of applied knowledge - that is real world application of solutions to people and their problems. Don has taught full-time at the graduate level for 14 years, training the next generation of counselling therapists. He has also been practicing therapy for even longer.

The Style you Want

We've all sat through dry and dusty professional development sessions wondering what we did to deserve this. Dr. Don's warm, approachable and humorous style makes the time fly.His style makes is easy and effortless to absorb the critical ideas and strategies for success.

The Experience you Can Trust

Dr Don has been presenting to a wide variety of audiences for years. Churches on Sunday morning, teaching Masters and Doctoral level students, retreats, workshops and seminars; Don has successfully delivered  in a wide variety of contexts.

Dr. Don Russell, Professional Speaker, Therapist, & Trainer

Inspiring Hope, Flourishing & Empowerment

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